Britannia Boxing Equipment was established in the North East of England in the late 1970’s.

In the early years  many renowned boxers such as Lennox Lewis, Ricky Hatton and many other profile boxers of their time were seen to be gloving up with the BBE Brand.

The brand changed ownership a few times over the following 20 years but the products stood the test of time and remained to be seen in many Domestic and Amateur Boxing bouts throughout the country.

York Barbell UK acquired BBE in 1999. York was adding interesting product ranges to their existing product portfolio, so BBE Boxing seemed a natural choice.

Through past decades, the expertise and knowledge that York has acquired within the fitness industry has enabled them to subsequently analyse the BBE product range offering.
Our international manufacturing partners ensure that the credibility of BBE stays true to its origins, and at the same time, service the ever demanding needs of performance, safety, comfort and fit for the current would be boxers of tomorrow.

In 2004 York established a great partnership with the renowned Maloney Brothers. Frank Maloney an ex-boxer himself turned promoter who managed Lennox Lewis to win the Heavyweight Championship of the world. With connections through Frank and other associated colleagues along with Sky T.V, this allowed York to put the BBE Brand well and truly back into the boxing arena.

Through recent years, BBE have continued to partner up with many of today’s British boxers at Domestic, British, Commonwealth and European level. The experience they bring to the development of our products is crucial to ensure the BBE Brand continues to ride high.

Quality and customer satisfaction remains to underpin the success of the BBE brand, from the initial sourcing of good materials to the qualified manufacturing processes in place, all of which ensures that the BBE Brand is the top choice for today’s consumer.